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Lisa Wilkinson

Reiki Client

Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Lisa contacted Holistic Healing Hands with a view to booking a Reiki session. At the time she was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia.

A thorough consultation was carried out with Lisa looking at her expectations from the session or sessions, past medical history, current state of health, symptoms, physical, mental and emotional well-being, stress levels, sleep patterns, diet and fitness levels. A treatment plan was devised with Lisa’s agreement and an initial Reiki session was performed and the application of a tuning fork added to help reduce pain levels and compliment the treatment. Lisa responded positively to that session and further sessions were booked.

At the end of that initial session Lisa was shocked when she realised that she was pain free for the first time in a very long time as was I. Although I am very aware of the wonderful results and outcomes Reiki can give, I too was a little surprised that it had delivered positive results so quickly. Reiki continued and continues to provide Lisa with an effective holistic pain management tool. After being in pain for so long, giving up the job she loved and being bed bound Lisa was inspired to retrain as an Equine Reiki Practitioner as her love of horses and passion for them reignited. Upon qualification she set up her own Equine Reiki own business and now helps horses all over the area.



 Lisa continues to receive regular Reiki sessions as she experiences so many benefits. It has been a pleasure to work with Lisa and observe the positive outcomes to the regular Reiki sessions and to see her returning to a normal life whilst coping with pain and low energy levels in a much healthier way.

She also uses her Reiki training and attunements to perform self healing and utilises sound therapy through the use of a tuning fork between treatments here at Holistic Healing Hands.

Lisa’s comments:

” I have had fibromyalgia for 7 years now and tried all the drugs my GP could give me, even morphine but I was still in pain, bed bound and when I was up I had to use crutches, I had to give up the job I loved too. I was very sceptical about trying Reiki but had nothing to lose as conventional medicine had not helped me. After just one session I was pain free and my energy levels improved by about 80%. 8 weeks into my treatment I did not take any medication, which was great for me as I had been pumped full of drugs by my GP, was almost completely pain free and I got my life back. My boys have seen the biggest difference in me though, my eldest remembers me being well till he was 7 years old and my youngest who is nearly 6 years has always known me ill. I can play chase, tag and hide and seek with them now. My eldest cried when he saw the change in me, he has got his mum back. Thank god I have got Reiki in my life now, the medical profession said that there is no a cure for fibromyalgia basically it is a life sentence! NOT TRUE. Thank god I found Joanne at Holistic Healing Hands.

Our Reiki Services

We provide a range of Reflexology services for our clients.


Reiki, a natural, energy healing system works on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level while promoting the body’s regenerative self-healing ability.

Animal Reiki

Animals, like people, benefit just as much from regular Reiki sessions. Whether you own a cat, dog, bird, horse, fish, hamster or other larger animal, Reiki can help. 

Distant Reiki

Mobile phones transmit over huge distances, Distant Reiki works on the same premise, that there is a sender and a receiver.