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Judith Ekin

Reflexology Client

Judith Ekin

Judith contacted Holistic Healing Hands with a view to booking a Reflexology session. At the time she was trying for a family and having had problems previously she had carried out some research which suggested Reflexology could be beneficial.

A thorough consultation was carried out with Judith looking at her expectations from the session or sessions, past medical history, current state of health, symptoms, physical, mental and emotional well-being, stress levels, sleep patterns, diet and fitness levels. A treatment plan was devised with Judith’s agreement and an initial Reflexology session was performed. Judith responded positively to that session and further sessions were booked.

After a short period of time Judith received the fantastic news that she was expecting and continued to receive regular Reflexology sessions. A few weeks before her due date she attended what we thought would be her final session before the baby arrived and other than a little back pain the session Judith found the session relaxing and effective as usual. A couple of day later, reading the local paper, the Tameside Reporter I spotted a familiar face on the Birth Announcement page. Judith had given birth to a beautiful baby boy the very next day after she had been to see me! We now know that the back pain she had experienced during that session was in fact the beginning of labour.


Judith continued receiving regular Reflexology sessions after giving birth as she experienced so many benefits, especially looking after a new baby! It was a pleasure to work with Judith and observe the positive outcomes to the regular Reflexology sessions and to see such a healthy mum and baby doing so well.

Judith continues to receive monthly Reflexology sessions as well as Reiki and Ear Candling sessions as and when necessary and Alastair is now in reception class at school. Time flies, it doesn’t seem that long ago when baby Alastair arrived. To see a photo of him in his school uniform is such a joy.

The Association of Reflexologists is the foremost aspirational and independent Professional Association for reflexology in the UK since 1984 and they have produced a number of videos about Reflexology. Take a look at their Support for Pregnancy and Support for Fertility videos.

Judith’s comments:

“I started going to reflexology to help me conceive and as it turned out was pregnant when I had my first session. I continued to go throughout my pregnancy to help me relax, to keep calm and also to help me sleep. I thoroughly enjoyed going and had a very easy pregnancy with no health problems at all. Joanne, my therapist was able to give me tips and advice each time I saw her. All through my pregnancy I maintained that I would not go full term and when I was eight months went for a session, came home and went into labour, went to the hospital after a few hours and gave birth to a beautiful wee boy five hours after the session finished. I still have reflexology on a regular basis and would have no hesitation on recommending it to anyone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It definitely helped me.”

Our Reflexology Services

We provide a range of Reflexology services for our clients.


Reflexology improves circulation, induces relaxation, clears blockages and balances the is body’s organs and glands.

Fertility Reflexology

It is believed that reflexology may be of great benefit to clients suffering with fertility issues.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is a wonderful holistic therapy which complements the natural event of childbirth.