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Jason Tinsley

Jason Tinsley

Jason contacted Holistic Healing Hands with a view to booking a Reflexology session. At the time he was struggling with the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME as it used to be known. After trying acupuncture and hypnotherapy and doing some research, Jason carried out some research which suggested Reflexology could be beneficial. In addition to the self help techniques Jason was using, together we decided to work on a complementary therapy treatment plan to help combat the symptoms of CFS.

A thorough consultation was carried out with Jason looking at his expectations from the sessions, past medical history, current state of health, symptoms, physical, mental and emotional well-being, stress levels, sleep patterns, diet and fitness levels. A treatment plan was devised with Jason’s agreement and an initial session of Reflexology was adapted to include reflexes linked to CFS and the systems of the body involved in the condition such as the immune system, the brain and the lymphatic system. Jason responded positively to that session and further sessions were booked.

He had been receiving this specialised Reflexology routine on a frequent basis for just a number of weeks before we observed beneficial effects in terms of improved sleep, improved energy levels and improved mood. He had also been receiving regular Stone Therapy Massage sessions concentrating on the arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders. This resulted in decreased muscle tension, tenderness and pain.



Throughout 2012 Jason hadn’t felt at all well with tense, tender, painful muscles, tiredness, sleep disturbances, decreased energy levels, depressed mood and memory problems being just some of his symptoms. He is a usually a very healthy individual, eating a low fat diet and exercising at the gym up to 5 times a week but just doing the garden or walking to the shops had become virtually impossible.

Eventually his GP performed a number of blood tests and diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME as it used to be known. He was referred to a specialist CFS clinic but the waiting list stood at 18 weeks for an initial appointment. After doing a little research of his own he discovered a number of self help techniques including following the ‘Stone Age’ diet. This diet is based on the theory that we are not designed to eat modern processed foods, such as sugar and refined fat, but that our genetic make-up is designed for the consumption of wild plants, animals and seafood.

Jason continues to receive regular Reflexology sessions as well as Stone Therapy Massage.

I am grateful that my skills as a therapist have enabled me to bring relief to someone where the medical profession and NHS has failed to do so and observe the positive outcomes to the regular specialised Reflexology and Stone Therapy Massage sessions. By the time his appointment for the Specialist CFS clinic arrived he will was nearly back to his old self, better able to manage this debilitating condition.

The Association of Reflexologists is the foremost aspirational and independent Professional Association for reflexology in the UK since 1984 and they have produced a number of videos about Reflexology. Take a look at their Supporting People Living With Complex Health Issues video….

Jason’s comments:

“After researching CFS I discovered that complementary therapies, holistic in their nature could relieve some of my symptoms. The first therapy I tried was Reflexology and I am pleased to say that the results have been beneficial. I find that I can sleep up to 8 hours with limited disturbances, my memory is improving and my mood is uplifted. For the other symptom of aching, painful muscles I have found that Stone Therapy Massage has vastly benefited me. Overall having the treatment sessions, being able to talk about my condition and the after care advice given have resulted in a positive improvement that is on going.

Our Reflexology Services

We provide a range of Reflexology services for our clients.


Reflexology improves circulation, induces relaxation, clears blockages and balances the is body’s organs and glands.

Fertility Reflexology

It is believed that reflexology may be of great benefit to clients suffering with fertility issues.

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is a wonderful holistic therapy which complements the natural event of childbirth.